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ICRTouch’s TouchOffice is pc based back office software and it is the perfect EPoS partner for all the products in the ICRTouch range.  Think of it as a virtual version of what’s on your shelves and in your cupboards and cellars. It’s the same as your business, but you don’t have to clean it.

TouchOffice boasts unrivalled integration with your touch screen tills and other essential EPoS hardware. It’s reliable, stable and it’s been developed and upgraded over 10 years. Plus, TouchOffice is compatible with other software packages, including Sage, Booker and Pay24-7.

ICRTouch has over 30 years of experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems and we’ve sold approximately 80,000 EPoS software licences.

TouchOffice easily handles the complex tasks of monitoring sales and stock lines, collating information from tills and managing staff and promotions. It displays the information in a familiar pc-based format.

  • Monitor a product from order right through to sale or return.
  • Compare suppliers’ prices.

Link products together. Know, without checking the shelves, that when you run out of vodka it’s time to reorder the tonic. Running short on shampoo? Count on TouchOffice to remind you about the conditioner.



With TouchOffice back office software you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor trends
  • Make changes and improvements.
  • Compare and chart sales and orders from single lines to entire brands.
  • Work out if a product line is seasonal, a best seller, or best consigned to history.
  • Create sales reports that run from the first moment you add a line to TouchOffice’s virtual shelves, through to how they’re performing right now.

We all need to work from home from time-to-time. Then there are the unavoidable meetings that take you away from your business. When you’re not there TouchOffice ensures you can continue to manage your sales with the option of remote working.

  • Link up to your touch screen tills via the internet and a broadband connection.
  • Remotely view live activity on up to 6 tills at once.
  • See current balances.
  • Remotely send a message to a till screen.

TouchOffice boasts a host of features to make life easier when it comes to re-pricing.

  • Simply click to change the price of an item and update your tills.
  • Easily manage promotions including happy hour, mix’n’match and multi-buy.
  • Built-in printing for shelf-edge labels and barcoded stock labels.
  • Time-delay price increases. Set them up on TouchOffice and it won’t update your TouchPoint till software until you need it to.

It offers the same level of integration for new stock lines, menu changes etc. If you want to update all of your prices or react to budget day, make use of the global price increase feature. It implements a percentage increase on all your products.

TouchOffice back office software “talks” to the tills so you don’t have to programme each one separately. This is particularly useful when you’re running a multi-site, multi-till business.

TouchOffice has settings that restrict access to confidential information.

TouchOffice has a built-in backup function to make sure that no data is lost in the event of a failure.

TouchOffice + TouchStock (our hand-held stock control device) = Even easier ordering, deliveries and pricing.

  • Monitor a line of products or your entire stock.
  • Built-in printing for shelf-edge labels and barcodes for in house non-barcoded products.

TouchOffice + TouchPoint (our flagship EPoS software that is effortless to use, reliable and proven) = A complete till management system that’s easy to use and simple to run. No other back office Epos system offers the same level of integration.