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Sam4s SPS-2200

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The new Sam4s SPS-2200 is one of the latest models of 15″ touch screen systems on the market. It has a nice slimline design and a wall mount option. It is an excellent low-cost pos system for cafes, coffee shops, pubs, bars and restaurants.  The Sam4s SPS-2200 is affordable, has a modern-design, with a high level of features which makes it flexible enough to suite almost any enviroment.

The Sam4s SPS2200 has a solid reputation for build quality and reliable operation, with solid state storage and built in operating system and application software ensuring a feature rich solution at a most affordable price.

A kitchen printer or kitchen monitor system for transmitting food/drink orders to the kitchen area is optionally available.

For a delicatessen business, you can add an optional barcode scanner and integrated weighing scale to this system. We also offer stand-alone Label Printing Weighing Scales so you can weigh and barcode/price label your own items. The labels can then be scanned at the checkout, bringing up the item and price automatically.

The Sam4s SPS2200 can process eat-in and take-away orders. The 15″ touch screen allows upto 60 buttons on each of the 200 screen levels, allowing you to structure your menu, for example, into starters, main courses, desserts, soft drinks, wines etc. Menu Buttons can be colour coded with text or they can incorporate a graphic or photo. Cooking instructions (eg. rare, medium, well cooked) or modifiers (eg. no onions, extra chilli sauce) can be set up for different menu items.

If you have restaurant / cafe tables, hotel guest rooms or operate bar tabs, then the POS system will keep track of these bills, allowing you add items to each bill, print bills and receipts, transfer bills and take advance deposit payments. Multiple staff can share the same terminal allowing multiple bills to be in progress. On a network system with multiple terminals, each bill is accessible from any of the terminals on the network by any of the staff.

A very reliable POS machine from Sam4s that is perfect for the demanding work load in busy work areas. Allows for stock control and ingredients management. Discounts and surcharges can also be added to the food/drinks bill. Table tracking allows you to manage eat-in orders or bar tabs.


Key Features

  • New 15″ TFT LCD Colour Touch Panel.
  • Operating System – Embedded Linux.
  • Feature rich application software included
  • Solid state data storage
  • Maximum PLU Status Groups 99.
  • Maximum PLU’s 65,000.
  • Maximum Clerk 99.
  • Training Mode.
  • Up to 10 Discount Rates.
  • Floating Table Checks across machines
  • Floating Clerk Operation across machines
  • Up to 32 machines in a network