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Sulux XL-9310 Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Sulux XL-9310 Wireless Barcode Reader.

Low cost wireless scanner IP52 rated as standard which will withstand drops up to 1.5 metre.  Communication distance up to 600m in open space, ideal for front of house our warehouse applications.

The Sulux scanner is charged on the cradle using wireless induction charging, so there are no exposed connections that can get dirty or damaged.


Key features:

  • Wireless induction charge without cable
  • The battery can be easily taken from the scanner
  • 1 base frame can support 99 scanners
  • The communication distance on open places is up to 600m
  • Antiknock design: withstand 1.5M drops (IP52 Rated)
  • Service life of button reaches up to 50 million times
  • Supporting the RS232 and USB interface